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Pumping Out Septic Tank

Digging up the septic tank, running the hoses, pumping as much as I can out of the septic tank at a flat rate price for this service.

Pumping Out Grease Traps

This service is typically done in restaurants.

Sewer Repair and Replacement

Repairing or replacing existing sewer line that runs from the house to the street.

Sewer Line Install

Installation of a new sewer line from the house to the street; septic to sewer conversion. In some counties this may require a licensed plumber.

Sewer Inspections

This service is running a camera and inspecting pipes for abnormalities.

Septic System Install

Installation of a new septic tank and or replacing drain fields, placing new drain fields on a new residential construction site.

Septic System Repair

This service is replacing inlet tees, outlet tees, inlet lines, outlet lines, clean out’s, cross overs from one drain field to another where the existing cross over has failed and doing a chemical treatment to the existing drain field to help rejuvenate the existing drain field.

Septic System Inspections and Septic Letters

There are two kinds of inspections; detailed inspection or visual inspections. Detailed inspections consists of inspecting of the septic tank, the inner workings of the tank, the tank would have to be dug up to do this inspection. Visual Inspection consists of walking the property, looking for any obvious signs of septic seepage around the drain field and or the septic tank itself. Both of these inspections include a septic letter.

Camera Locating

Running a camera through pipes to see what the pipes look like, locating breaks in the pipes, root intrusion, and any other blockages. If tank cannot be found running the camera will help us easily locate the tank.


Running high pressure water that blows blockages clear, which will clean the pipe for maximum flow

Exploratory Digging

This is digging to find out what is going on with the drain field and soil conditions.

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